Aging population, raising healthcare costs and limited access to available treatments significantly challenge the sustainability of our healthcare systems. New innovative and effective solutions are necessary to face this burden, and life science investors, affirming the incredible market opportunities are ready to enable the process by agressively investing in deals that double in size annually.

Yet, many of the exciting discoveries remain in university labs, impressively described in scientific journals and never end up in the hands of those who need them the most. It takes incredible amount of knowledge, entrepreneurial network and skills, and the right managerial attitude to bring an invention to the market. Here is where AMBIO Healthtech comes into play.

At AMBIO Healthtech we believe in the value of igniting entrepreneurial mindset, in fostering knowledge and innovation exchange and in creating of ever-evolving entrepreneurial ecosystems. Therefore, learning from international experts and receiving their mentorship is a cornerstone of what we offer.